"Who is Renae?"

Hi, I am Renae Whitacre, and I help socially responsible heart-centered entrepreneurs make more money and keep it, so they can realize the freedom and peace they envisioned when they started their business.

"What is my drive?"

My path is to share my knowledge and expertise with entrepreneurs to become self-sufficient and knowledgeable owners in their businesses.  My drive is to de-mystify the financial equation, discover some not so obvious loopholes and clarify the picture your finances are painting so you can live a life with the stability and financial freedom you desire.

Previous financial employment:

"How is it de-mystified?"

I am a 25+ year financial professional with experience quarterbacking finances for growing retail and manufacturing corporations.  My expertise is cutting through the gobbledygook and putting the numbers in an understandable language to outline an action plan.  I have a spiritual connection and know there is more to your finances than just numbers.  With my knowledge and your business expertise we will work together to clear the fog and focus on a plan.

Many say the numbers don't lie, but I have grown to learn that numbers only paint a partial story. Without a clear understanding it is easy to become blurred on the true financial picture. Together we strategize to:

  • Increase & expand your financial expertise, making you the expert
  • Outline procedures to manage accounting processes, increasing your productivity
  • Design verification systems to ensure accuracy & reliability
  • Develop tracking mechanisms to analyze performance
  • Project budgets & forecasts to plan for profitable success

When developing a successful financial system, processes will be in place to reduce stress and create more time for creative profitable activities.  More importantly, a customized and streamlined process will emerge aligning you with your visions of financial success and stability.

"Why would I choose to work with you?"

As a teen-ager, I developed easy to use DOS programs (Yes, I know, I'm giving away my age.) to paint a picture of the break-even on my family's farm. This passion took me through college where I passed the CPA exam and leapt into corporate. I managed finances for multi-million dollar companies and advanced into CFO (Chief Financial Officer) roles. My peers joked and called me the non-traditional bean-counter.  However, I grew tired of the long unfulfilling hours that didn't fulfill my passions.

The worse part, my connection to my spirituality and social responsibility was getting swept under the rug.  While working, I was able to become an Advanced CoachU graduate, Law of Attraction mentor, and a Reiki Master/Teacher. Finally, I made the decision to leave the corporate world behind and help others, like you, grow your business by sharing my expertise without the need for a title or the ego.  This combination fuels my higher callings while capitalizing on my expertise.

"When do we start?"

Let's get started today by completing an application for a complimentary Magnetic Money Strategy Session.

Advanced CoachU Graduate Advanced CoachU Graduate, CoachU
Reiki Master/Teacher Reiki Master/Teacher, Quantum Edge Healing Institute
Certified Law of Attraction Coach Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Quantum Success Coaching Academy
B.A. - Accountancy & B.S. - Management B.A. - Accountancy & B.S. - Management, University of North Dakota
M.B.A. M.B.A., Drake University