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Budgeting – 5 Ways to Make It Work

I recently read a blog, 5 Big Reasons Budgets Fail by Geoff Williams and posted it yesterday on my Facebook. As I see repeatedly, this blog tells us how and why budgets fail.  I’m going to review each of the points discussed in this post and highlight ways budgeting and, more importantly, money management can…

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To Allow or Not Allow

When it comes to how to start teaching our children money management, the obvious choice and response from many of my clients are:  “Well, I give them an allowance?” Do you give your kids an allowance?  Are there any conditions to the allowance or is it an entitlement? Many Methods I don’t know the “right”…

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Sorting it all out

Give Kids a Better Money Start than I Did

My phone rang, it was my daughter.  She had an unusual tone to her voice and I could hear the tears welling up as she was trying to hold them back.  She is 20 and moved into an apartment with her boyfriend.  (My thoughts on that can wait for another post.) I asked, “What’s wrong?”…

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Will the sky change its color?

Top 10 Changes Since I was a Kid

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” ~ Proverb quote The other day my 13-year old asked what we had as kids and it sparked some thoughts. So, I composed this quick list of the top things that have changed since I was an adolescent in the late 70’s. Top 10 changes…

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The World Sees You ~ How?

Some Assessments Outweigh Others Have you played in corporate America or found personality tests or other assessments fun or interesting?  You have probably heard of or  taken assessments such as the Myers Briggs; DISC; Strength Finder; my personal favorite, the hailed, 360-degree feedback (a hint of sarcasm – J); or a plethora of other tests…

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Start Teaching Kids Money Management

Last week I discussed “Who is Teaching Our Kids to Manage Money?”  So when do we start teaching money management? Do you manage money the way you want your kids to handle their finances? Is your household in agreement of with what money the kids can “have” and how to spend it? Communication is critical…

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Money, not just a game

Managing Money – Who is teaching this to our kids?

What life lesson is missing in today’s formal education in the school systems? Is the education and  training, they do receive, reinforced at home? The 3-R’s are taught and evaluated in the schools, but often overlooked is educating our youth on a skill they will need throughout their lives ~ money management. Where and when will…

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Did You Have Tea Parties or Run the Store?

Welcome to my inaugural blog post.  To start, a brief 2-3 part post will outline my history into my fascination with accounting and the numbers.  Following posts will highlight tips, tricks, and actions to get your arms around the numbers in your business. Information will be given to highlight you as the expert in your…

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