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Top 10 Changes Since I was a Kid

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” ~ Proverb quote

The other day my 13-year old asked what we had as kids and it sparked some thoughts. So, I composed this quick list of the top things that have changed since I was an adolescent in the late 70’s.

Top 10 changes since I was a kid:
1. Cell phones – as a kid, we had a local party line and shared phone service with the neighbors
2. Video games – the newest and next PlayStation® or Xbox® weren’t even on our radar
3. Bottled water – water came out of the tap and the glasses were in the cupboard, if we went to an event – the water jug was filled and brought with
4. Computers – the next newest iPad® or tablet weren’t yet invented. We didn’t even have a computer in the house as a child.
5. Plastic money – we saved our quarters from our allowance and all money was in the form of hard currency
6. GPS – if we were going somewhere new, we had to read a map to locate the directions
7. On demand music – when the newest hit made the charts, we had to hope the radio station would play it soon if we hadn’t yet purchased it on cassette or CD
8. Instant pictures – if you wanted to take a picture, you had to ensure you had film for the camera and didn’t see the image until the pictures were developed, selfies??? LOL
9. Watches – it was a rite of passage to get your first watch, now I rarely wear it
10. Unlimited TV stations – as a kid growing up in North Dakota, we had access to three television stations (on a good day) and I remember getting our first color TV
– When we asked for a color TV, my dad would echo, “If you want to see color, tape a $100 bill to the screen.”

Pretty amazing to realize what has changed since I was a kid and realizing it will only continue to evolve. Is this good or bad, that is a debatable topic we can address later. It is fun to think about and recall the memorable events when the camera was forgotten at home or the times you had to find a quarter to call home to tell your parents you would be late.

What has been the biggest you have seen since you were a young teenager?

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  • Katie Kieffer

    Reply Reply 08/26/2014

    Excellent list! Three channels? Growing up in the mountains of WV in the 80s, we only got one most the time. If we got a second…it was a miracle!

  • Karen Sealey

    Reply Reply 08/26/2014

    I think the biggest thing that fascinates me, is that a child I always wanted a full set of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica… We used to get door to door sales men turn up with these weighty tomes and I almost used to cry when they left and took their books with them… Now… all that info in the palm of your hand via a phone…
    Karen Sealey recently posted…Ten of My Favourite Tarot Decks…My Profile

    • Renae

      Reply Reply 08/26/2014

      Oh wow — thanks. We used to go down the road to my grandparent’s house to use their copy of the encyclopedias when we had homework to do. Yes, how it has changed where we go to do research now.

  • mary

    Reply Reply 08/26/2014

    hi, this brings back memories. interesting about ‘watches’ as I rarely wear one now due to everything is on the mobile.
    mary recently posted…8 things about your pet.My Profile

  • Joy Phillips

    Reply Reply 08/26/2014

    I LOVE it! I remember the cameras that took the pics I used to stare at until the photo developed before my very eyes! And cell phones — oh goodness how did we every do without them! Great list!

    • Renae

      Reply Reply 08/26/2014

      OMG — I almost forgot about the Polaroid(R) cameras and film. My mother recently moved and we found some of those pictures, the image quality had really deteriorated with the years, but it was fun to get those photos “instantly.” Thanks for the comment.

      • Betty

        Reply Reply 08/26/2014

        Fast food was having leftovers to warm up.

        • Renae

          Reply Reply 08/26/2014

          🙂 Never mind how far the nearest fast food restaurant was in our proximity — not too fast by the time you got there and back. HA!

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