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Did You Have Tea Parties or Run the Store?

Welcome to my inaugural blog post.  To start, a brief 2-3 part post will outline my history into my fascination with accounting and the numbers.  Following posts will highlight tips, tricks, and actions to get your arms around the numbers in your business. Information will be given to highlight you as the expert in your business, empowering you with the information to make informed decisions.

For now, we will take a dive into what started me on this journey:

Do you wanna play store?

As a child, my “play” was to own and operate a grocery story out of my Mom’s cupboards and pantry – that was back when the groceries had price stickers and we used the family’s change jar as our “money” with the old fashion crank 10-key adding machine.  (OMG – did realize how old I’m getting to be.) Of course, to make Mom happy, the groceries didn’t normally make it back into the cupboards until the ultimatum was given.  The store game was then modified to put the groceries back into the cupboards when we arrived “home” from our grocery story excursion.

This seemed to sooth the situation and ensured the items were rotated on the shelves.  My OCD nature was evident at the early age when the canned goods and spices were alphabetized when they were properly returned to stock the cupboards – of course, only, when we were still entertained with completing the game and not distracted by another activity. To ensure the play was “fair,” I was the only qualified cashier while other playmates were stockers and customers. Hence, at the age of 8-9 years old, my intrigue to loving to count money and play with numbers started.

Our family lived on a farm in rural North Dakota.  My dad would take me with him to the grain elevator where he transacted business.  While he was discussing the important details of the day, I would be privileged to add tickets up for the office staff of the grain elevator.  To me, this was an honor – not every kid was trusted to handle the tickets, let alone add them up with duplicate 10-key adding machine tapes to ensure the stack of tickets was properly added and counted.  Alas, my dream to be a bookkeeper was realized.

Off to College

As my desire to leave rural North Dakota grew, my parents encouraged me to look deeper into the Accounting profession and exposed me to meetings with their tax professional and the family farms accounting records.  So off to college I went and graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy and Bachelor of Science with a Management major – had to keep the OCD compulsion alive. This educational experience culminated with the CPA exam which I passed, but opted out of the “stuffy” banquet to recognize the award.

My first post-college position was as a Settlement Clerk with ConAgra.  At the time, I felt like this was the dream – living in Minneapolis, the “big” city for a small-town North Dakota girl adding up rail cars of grain that was traded during the day and processing the transaction for the sale.  After growing bored with the monotony of the position, a position as Office Manager for a Regional Trading Office was offered to me.  My career in finance was realized and I was living the dream!!! – or so it seemed at the time.

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